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My weight loss journey started in January 2012, when I tipped the scales at 325. I've never looked back since.

My weight loss journey started in January 2012, when I tipped the scales at 325. I’ve never looked back since.

Hi! I’m Dot, aka Dot2Trot, a 40-something marketer who decided to quit her job in 2012 to focus on getting healthily. Why quit my job? Isn’t that extreme?

I’ve been a Weight Watchers member on and off for 25 years. I gained 100+ pounds in the last 10 years; started taking blood pressure pills 6 years ago; and worked 15-16 hour days for the man only to come home to vegetate on the couch.

In January 2012, I tipped the scales at 325 and was well on my way to becoming a diabetic. Something had to change – and that something was me.

Nearly 2 years later and 125 pounds (as of November 2014) lighter, I decided to blog about my ups and downs on my march to shed a total of 190 lbs. I’ll share recipes, workout playlists, goals, weigh ins, struggles and successes. Come along for the ride.

I live and play in Virginia with my husband and pet sheepdog.

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  1. Enjoyed your discussion of why yogurt has carbs. I know you want to be conservative, but I wonder how in the world yogurt can have any carbs at all. I am not trying to say you are wrong, but really, I think they count the carbs in all the ingredients, and they, although surely at least someone up there is a biochemist, FORGET: The bacteria changes the lactose and galactose into lactic acid, which is the souring and thickening agent in the final product. So. If the milk sugars no longer exist—are broken down—why they still carbs?
    I have tried for months to find out the answer to this. I think maybe the answer is: sloppy science? Let’s force them to change the labels to tell the truth!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    And thanks for such a pretty WP site! <3

  2. NinaB

    Hi Dot! I found you on YouTube, also. You had me at Pizza Casserole! My daughter and I watched your food prep, which was really helpful, and now I feel like I’ve known you forever! So … where are you? The first comment made it seem like you were ill. I hope not! Your fans await!!

    • Jenny

      Hi Dot! I used to watch every one of your YouTube videos! I miss them so much! Iโ€™m so happy youโ€™re still posting!

  3. Gerald R Dodd

    I came across one of your low carb recipes for bacon cheeseburger casserole on YouTube just tonight and can’t wait to try it.
    I am over weight, on blood pressure, cholesterol meds. Low HDL, normal blood sugar. Some decrease in kidney function.

    My question concerns sweeteners. I have heard that most low calorie or zero calorie artificial sweeteners actually make us gain weight. What do you recommend? I just started using monk fruit. Do you have any experience with it?

  4. Diana Molinaro

    Im not anything right now as im always tired , meaning i dont do much . Read or anything
    But would love to be guided in this jouney
    Where should i go …

  5. Diana Molinaro

    Hi Dot
    Just found you on U Tube . Im kinda like you i went on diets all my life . Im going to be a young 60 this year lol and i want to be healthy . I went on a 21 day sugar detox 2 years back and i lost weight ect . Then like you I ate when something happened , i would like to live the rest of my life healthy . The sugar detox is meat and low carbs ,no sugar . It kinda sounds like what your on …
    So are your recipes for me ? I feel they are as i ate cheese , meat ect . Now im trying to put in some chia seeds , falx, matcha tea.and other good for you things.
    So am i on the right track ?
    Thank you , your my inspiration
    Hugs Diana

  6. melisa

    Hi Dot,

    Thank you so much for the youtube videos and your go get it attitude……….such a inspiration to me………..do you have a direct email account? Id love a weight loss pen pal…………just started me journey 2 weeeks ago……….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Deb

    Dot, what kind of sweetener do you normally use (especially for the scones, but just in general as well)??? You are an inspiration! Can’t wait to try these recipes!

  8. Karen Smith

    I didn’t know where to post my comment. I wanted you to know i really like your YouTube channel. Im a subscriber, and i made your Julia Child’s chicken this evening with the duck fat, lemon, and onions….it was fantastic! My husbad loved it.
    I made my own adaptations by adding fresh minced garlic and stuffing the bird with an onion, lemon slices, and fresh thyme in addition to the bed of lemons and onions underneath. I think i used more butter and duck fat to baste. Fantastic! I took pics to show you…but dont know how to post these.
    Im watching AND loosing weight! Ive only been doing this for about 8 weeks…ive lost 10 pounds. I need to loose 80lbs!

    • Dot2Trot

      Karen, that is awesome news. Congrats on the 10 pounds. And very happy you made the recipe your own. That really is what cooking is all about. Bonus that you added real and healthy foods too. You can’t post the photos but I can. So send me the photos at my gmail address: dot2trotblog@gmail.com.

  9. Dot2Trot

    Nope, not always in ketosis. You pop in and out a little when you eat, and of course if you have any carbs. I try to stick to 20g a day.

  10. Patricia

    I have an inspirational verse by Emerson that you should post in your refrigerator. It helps when you get overwhelmed. Look it up on Google and print it out. White words in a black background that starts with :
    โ€œFinish each day and be done with it.โ€
    I wish I could paste a copy on the comments .

  11. wendy gaines

    Thank you for taking the time to share all this with others, very inspiring.

    I am struggling with the FAT part of all this having spent my whole life avoiding it and believing to be eating healthy. Tons of veggies and fruit, chicken and fish. Even in the past doing low carb with low fat always in mind ( NEVER brought bacon in my house for over twenty years )
    At forty nine, I too was diagnosed with ( stage three ) uterine cancer.
    ( WOOOOHOO!!! ) Fell off the proverbial CLIFF of menopause. All the issues expected but it’s been five years and I am still feeling like crap. I will spare you the gory details.
    Since January I just tried to get tons of fiber and almost no animal fat (cholesterol ) for that first month or two. Then added in a little more protein and tried to relax on the fat a bit.
    Watching a lot of stuff from Dr Berg, the clinic at Duke, success stories like yours … Trying to embrace it all and build something I can live with… I made bulletproof coffee once,”I thought I was gonna die !!”

    I am not in a hurry , just want to feel better.
    Made my first fat bomb today for an iced coffee, by the time I got to the bottom I was longing for more.
    I wish you good health and want to say thank you for all the recipes and support.

  12. Vivian

    Hi Dot, I just viewed your video on YouTube and feel that you have shed some light on my weight issues. I’ve been battling for years with my weight, but it seems for every pound I lose I gained two. I really thought when my son got engaged that would be my motivation, however, it took me ten months to lose 18 lbs. I was devastated. It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Crying in the weight watchers parking lot after weigh-ins. I ordered the book “Why We Get Fat” and I hope it will help me. I’m concerned, because I’m the type of person that need everything spelled out for me as to what I can and what I should avoid.

  13. Vivian

    Hi Dot, just saw your video on YouTube and feel I fall under the category of “metabolic syndrome”. I think your video has shed some light on what might be going on with me. I’ve been battling for years with my weight without any success of weight loss. I really thought with my son getting married that would be my motivation. It took me ten months to lose 18 lbs. I was devastated. It was an emotional rollercoaster ride, crying in the weight watchers parking lot after weigh-ins. I ordered “Why We Get Fat” and hope it will help me. However, I’m concerned because I am the type where I need everything spelled out for me, as to how to get started, what foods are good and not good.

  14. Theresa I Smith

    You look absolutely wonderful. You have a great presentation and are easy to listen to.
    I have watched most of your videos, the recipes are so yummy and you make them seem easy to do. I know I am a fan for sure.
    I too am doing this way of eating for my health. Started off losing 42 lbs., then took a fall, had to depend on others to prepare meals. Not low carb. Gained back 25, however I am not giving up and am down 12 lbs. in 4 weeks.
    Thanks for your inspiration and delicious menus

  15. Jill

    Hello Dot. I found your videos on YouTube and loved the ones I’ve seen so far. Your story sounds SO familiar. Cabbage soup, Weightwatchers (did you have the leader who told you that you’re not trying hard enough too?) No matter what I’ve done, my weight keeps creeping upwards. It’s time to do something different, so I’ve been studying keto for the last couple of weeks. Tomorrow is day #1. My fridge is filled with good things.

  16. Hi, just found your site, I began LCHF last Sunday will weigh in in 2 days! Hoping it works. Like you I’ve yo yo dieted for years, weight watchers, slimming world etc. Always ending up with more weight when I start again. I’m doing this for health reasons mainly as I’m 63 and yes I’ve a lot to lose. Do you give total carbs for your recipes as I’m trying to stick to 20 grams?

    • Hi and welcome to the channel. Good luck with LCHF! It really is an awesome way to eat. As for my videos, you’ll find the recipes with the carb counts (total and net) under my videos. In the area with the video description, click on “SHOW MORE” (it’s hard to see because it is a light gray).

    • Hi Becca! I lost roughly 35 pounds my first couple of months without exercise (I was ordered not to exercise by my doctor until I lost my first 50 pounds). I was down 50 pounds by the end of the 4th month. But the weight loss does slow down as there is less of you to loose.

  17. Loulabelle

    5’3″ and I just tipped the scales at 190 lbs. I take blood pressure meds and Protonix for GERD … all weight related. I’m going to do this with you. My target is 50 lbs. Wish me luck, Dot! This site is awesome.

    • Thank you. Good luck (but you won’t need it). You can do this all without luck. If I can, you can. We’re in this together. Those 50 pounds are going down!

  18. Hello Miss Dot, I just found you a few weeks ago, I have 50 lbs to lose, it’s important, I had a heart attack one year ago this month and since that time I’ve gained 25 lbs, I’m 59, I gotta get it together, I’ve lost weight before, years ago with low carb, so I know it works for me, we really are our own worst enemies eh?

    So I started eating low carb 3 days ago, I’m down 4 obs, I’m inspired by you, I’ve been watching your videos and just came across your blog, kudos to you my friend, on your wight loss, commitment, and on sharing in order to help others, you shall be my muse… thanks again

    • Charlotte, sorry I missed your note. I was out of town for a few days (no access and it was heaven!). I”m glad you found the channel. Very happy about the 4 lbs loss. A heart attack is serious and I wish you all the best health this year. If I can lose weight and kick cancer’s sorry ass, you too can drop those pounds and greatly improve your heart health!
      All the best.

  19. Gammie

    Love to to connect with someone who knows where im at. 267 I stopped weighing. Had bariatric surgery, now 180. Stuck because l dont know how to get it all together.was in keto once, but cant seem to get it together again. I’ve followed you for a while. Congrats on your success! Im going to try to follow your menus. Thank you so much for all you are doing. It is helpful. ๐Ÿ˜„

    • lyngarrett

      I found you on YouTube and I identify with almost everything you say. Even our birthdays are in the same month. ๐Ÿ˜„ I was 330 lbs 20 years ago and had obesity surgery. I lost 165 lbs and kept it off until my baby had Leukemia. She is now a healthy teenager but I am up to 243 lbs. Iโ€™m fortunate to have always had perfect blood test results but my extremities are falling apart! Iโ€™m 57, just had Carpal Tunnel surgery on my hand and now I have a severely torn knee meniscus that requires a partial knee replacement. My surgeon says I have to lose 30 pounds before heโ€™ll schedule it. I feel desperate so Iโ€™m turning to keto after much research. I can hardly walk so Iโ€™m lying in bed, eating fat (which makes my brain explode) and praying this will work. Thank you for your encouraging videos. I have nothing else to do but watch you or play on Facebook. ๐Ÿ˜œ.

      • First up, I’m happy your daughter is healthy and kicked leukemia’s ass! Well done. When I started I thought I would eat low carb high fat and exercise for the weight to fall off. I ended up pulling 3 muscles in my right leg. My doctor ordered no exercise until I lost 50 pounds. Sure enough, I lost the weight without working out. Weight loss is 95% nutrition, 100% mental and 5% exercise (if that). Just take it a day at a time and no beating yourself up if you make a mistake. Just figure out why it happened, think of ways to deal with it if the situation happens again and resolve to do better the next meal. You can do this.

  20. Deepali

    You are great& inspiring. Hope I can do it. I will try. You look very happy & beautiful. I was looking for this. Thank you.

  21. Crafty

    Hi Dot, love your videos have been a real inspiration to me! Lost 64 lbs after a year of low carb. Would love to see more videos on
    Your information! God bless you ! Crafty

  22. Kim

    I found you on YouTube and watched a few videos as the first one, about why you started your journey was very much like looking in the mirror. Although I haven’t been to the doctor to hear results like yours I don’t have to to know I’m headed there…fast! The yo-yo battle, the various methods etc. I’m tired of it…I’m TIRED! Anyway, I was searching YouTube for various ideas and inspiration and there you were! I’m definitely going to be making some lifestyle changes and your videos and blog will be a great tool!
    Thank you in advance!

    • Kim, thank you so much. The key is making a lifestyle change. You are not going on a diet…they just don’t work. If I can do this you can too. Good luck and I’m glad my page and videos can be of use.

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  24. Chrissy

    Most awesome progress! My friend Cristina L., whom you know, shared your super blog with me since I’m trying to live Paleo – great site – love the menus! My husband has lost 80 lbs with a paleo lifestyle change and kept it off for a few years now – I’m hoping to follow in his footsteps, heck I’ve been cooking for him the whole time anyways ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cant wait to read your next post!

  25. Lori

    Dot, hello! You look great! So excited to see you here and SO thrilled you’re looking so happy, healthy and beautiful. You go, grrrrl!

  26. Linda Cajigas

    I saw briefly on your blog about a flabby arm diet?? I need to know more about that. I’m getting married in a few years and i want to wear a dress with no sleeves. Please help!

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