Top LCHF Drinks For The Holiday Season


With all the holiday parties coming up, here are my top LCHF friendly adult beverages. Photo courtesy of and Rawich.

I can’t believe tomorrow is December. Where did the time fly? That mean the seasonal parties are just around the corner. After Thanksgiving, the party season picks up steam as we head into the New Year. Funny how those seasonal festivities always coincide with the us packing on pounds. Hmmmmm…

So starts the time of sugary desserts and carb-heavy comfort foods. But the one thing we tend to over look when it comes to the holiday madness is booze. Hooch. Liquid bread. Sauce. Hard stuff. Oats soda. Liquid courage.

Yep, I’m talking about alcohol.

The good news is you can still enjoy adult beverages in moderation while living a low carb lifestyle. You just need to know what to drink.

Below are my top 5 alcohol choices when hitting the party circuit this season. Read More

Weekly Weigh In: Down 1.6 Pounds

weigh in jan 4

In January 2012 I weighed 325 lbs. As of today I’ve lost over 140 lbs. To continue my quest to optimize my health, I’m giving up alcohol.

I start the new year weighing 184.6 pounds. That puts my total weight loss at 140.4 lbs. since I started this little journey in 2012. I attribute the loss mostly to my January challenge — no alcohol for 30 days.

Alcohol Causing My Weight Loss Stall
As I tracked my food I got suspicious that the cause of my weight fluctuation was my wine. Oh how I do love the Nectar of the Gods, but my intake was much higher than normal over the holidays.

Also I started experiencing heartburn right before bed, something that hasn’t happened since I switched to a LCHF diet. Hmmmm….something was amiss.

While wine is low in carbs it slows or stops your weight loss. And if you’re not careful it packs on the pounds too.

I wasn’t careful. Read More

Taking The No Alcohol 30-Day Challenge

Taking the No Alcohol 21 Day Fitness Challenge. I better lose a ton after this!

Taking the No Alcohol 30 Day Fitness Challenge. I better lose a ton after this! Photo courtesy of Carlos Porto and

Since I’ve hit a plateau I decided to do a no alcohol challenge. I’m starting on August 1 – just to make it easier to track. Plus it gives me time to get rid of the bottle of white wine in my kitchen.

Not that I drink heavily, but I saw my alcohol intake go way up in July. I hit a crescendo last week with the celebration of Mr. Dottotrot’s e-book release.  Up until this month’s festivities, I limited my alcohol intake to twice a month. And no more than 2 drinks on those days.

This should jump-start my weight loss. After all, alcohol is mostly sugar. And sugar is a very bad carb.