On The Hunt For Fashionable And Functional Workout Wear

I'm on the hunt for new workout clothes. This Panache sports bra is on my list!

I’m on the hunt for new workout clothes. This Panache sports bra is on my list!

While doing mountain climbers, my top flipped up so my back and stomach were showing. I pushed through the routine before pulling my shirt back into place.  My once form-fitting top is now too baggie for the gym.

Plus during the kettlebell goblet squats, noticed a few tears in my pants near my thigh.

Clearly it’s time to replace some items in my workout wardrobe.

What Am I Looking For?
Great Material — While I love my cotton tanks, I need to find fabrics that wick moisture away from my skin. Something like CoolMax or Dri-FIT.

Avoid Flashing — I’m looking for form-fitting clothes so they don’t get in the way of the workout. The last time I picked up workout threads, the sales clerk recommended I buy one size smaller.  That seemed to work.

A Kick A$$ Sports Bra – This is my Great White! I don’t know if such a thing exists in the wild. There are exercises I avoid (jumping rope!) because I have yet to find a bra that can handle diverse workouts. I’ve started double bra-ing it for my 5K training because nothing I own gives me the support I need.  I’ve read good things about Panache and Enell sports bras. Users seem to swear by them. I plan to try both out.

Note to bra makers: Yes, we larger cup women want support when we workout. But we want to look fashionable too. Unfortunately, you make products that create the dreaded uni-boob look.  What are you thinking? I want a bra that gives me the support I need, but also hugs and shapes in the right places, isn’t too tight in the back, the straps don’t dig in and isn’t visible when I wear a v-neck top. Now get to work!

No Baggie Pants — I love wearing sweats to relax around the house, but I can’t work out in them. The cloth can get caught in the stationary bikes or elliptical machines. The same goes for any workout pants that flare out at the bottom. The other challenge is finding workout shorts and capri leggings. Most stores only have gear for winter.  Oh well…

There’s always Amazon!