Finding My Ideal Body Weight

tape measure fork

Rather than randomly setting a goal weight, I’ve decided to use some science to find my ideal body weight. Image courtesy of and Mister GC.

When I tried losing weight before I always picked a random number and tried shooting for it. Of course that never worked. First of all I was too focused the number on the scale, not health. Second, I didn’t consider if I was losing only fat. The last thing you want to do is lose muscle.

In my efforts to kick cancer’s ass and regain my metabolic health, I’m recalibrating my diet. To do that I’m starting to focus on maximum fitness and a reference weight, (AKA, my ideal body weight).

BMI vs. Reference Weight
Thankfully the Body Mass Index (BMI) is being exposed for the bad science that it is when it comes to defining healthy weight.

BMI is the preferred method of the US government to determine those obesity numbers the news media loves to report. All BMI does is measure the relationship between your height and weight. But nothing relating to muscle mass, bone or body fat.

It’s not a very good measure of health and fitness to say the least. Read More