Chorizo & Cabbage Recipe

sausage 3

Smoked chorizo sausage and green cabbage go well together in this filling yummy dish!

I’m starting to become a fan of cooking with cabbage. Oh sure I like coleslaw, but no cooking is needed. I remember when I was young my dad would make sauerkraut. I hated the smell. Ugh! It just completely turned me off the stuff.

Well now that I’m eating LCHF, I’m much more open to foods I never let my lips touch – fish, cooked cabbage, liver (chicken, duck and beef), eggplant, mushrooms. I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on.

Last summer I experimented with trying a new vegetable each week. Mostly I played with an assortment of mushrooms and some funky looking Asian veggies. Well it seems like cabbage is my new toy. Read More