2.5 Inches Closer To Size 20

I’m measuring myself every month. The scale is a great snap shot of where I’m at on the day I step on it. But my body measurements give a more complete picture of my weight loss journey.

Today, good news in two areas.

Sept 16 MeasurementsMy waist and hips carry the bulk of my weight. So it’s no surprise that’s where I see movement.  I lost an inch off the waist and 1.5 inches from my hips. All other parts remain the same…again.

I’m very happy with the numbers. But of course, when I don’t see movement in other areas, I start kicking myself.

While we can’t pick which body parts the pounds come off, a part of me can’t help but think that the knee injury slowed progress on my legs. Stupid thought, since I just wrote we can’t target where we lose weight. Truth is, I’m very happy it’s coming from my midsection. Belly fat increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. With these numbers I’m closer to getting off the blood pressure meds.

I’m steadily adding the daily walk back into my routine. The knee feels good.

I’ve also decided to increase the exercise bands from 2 days a week to 3. I’m very happy with my progress, but there is a part of me that worries that I’m not doing enough toning.

I am getting closer to that size 20. This weekend I picked up a few new workout outfits. Normally I reserve shopping like this for hitting milestones. But my current crop of gear has lots of holes and tears. Size 20 fit perfectly. Of course, that’s not too difficult when you’re talking about stretchy pants.

I needed to try on a pair of size 20 non-stretchy pants – also for fun.  Close, but no cigar. The pants fit a bit too tight, but I’ll be back in another 10 lbs.

Dropping Sizes

Breaking out the belt to stop my jeans from falling too low. How awesome is that!

Breaking out the belt to stop my jeans from falling too low. How awesome is that!?!

It’s official! My jeans are too baggy. With minimum effort (and wiggling), I can pull off my jeans without unbuttoning or zipping. My fist easily fits between my belly and the denim.

Oh and did I mention, I washed the jeans yesterday.


It’s cool outside so I decided to toss on my jeans, the first time I’ve worn them in a month.  Clearly my body underwent changes during that dang plateau.

So I’m about to exit the land of size 22.

There is no way to know when I’ll officially reach size 20. I’m assuming in about 8-10 lbs. But in reality there is no hard and fast rule on the number of pounds you need to lose to drop a size.  All designers define sizes differently – trust me, a size 16 at Old Navy isn’t the same size 16 at Lane Bryant.  Plus where you lose weight is also a big factor.

For me, I drop a size every 13-15 lbs. Right now I’m on track to overhaul my wardrobe when I weigh 240. Which translates into 8 more lbs.