Good News On Cancer Battle


Thanks to known family history, I’m going in for some genetic testing to see how predisposed I am to other types of cancer.

I went in for my post-surgery follow up with my oncologist and he had great news for me: the cancer didn’t spread. My pathology report came back clean. My cancer was Stage 1a, Grade 1.

Stage and Grade Translation
So what exactly does staging or grading cancer mean?

Staging is related to the size of the tumor and how far it spread. Grading is how doctors describe the actual cells. In my case,

  • Stage 1a – The cancer stayed in the uterus lining but just barely started pushing into the uterine muscle.
  • Grade 1 – The cancer cells look like normal cells and are not growing rapidly.

My oncologist isn’t recommending any radiation or chemo. Basically the surgery cured me and there is less than a 10% chance of the cancer coming back. I’ll still need “aggressive” follow up, visiting my oncologist every 6 months for check ups rather coming back once a year. However… Read More