I’ve Lost That Loving Feeling…

…for a nice cold coke. Today I was standing in line at the checkout counter at Wegmans (the most awesome grocery store in the world!) and for the first time in a long time I noticed their display of Coca-Cola.

It just hit me – I haven’t had any soda since June. Wow.

I’ve completely replaced soda with good old fashioned tap water or with my home made herbal ice tea. And I did it without a second thought. Sure I did have a bit of a headache the first few days. But I figured, why drink something that is going to cause pain if I stop drinking it.

Before, I wouldn’t have given a second thought to picking up a 12 ounce can for the drive home. But now that display is like the rest of the crap at the check out counter – stuff I ignore.

Herbal Ice Tea Recipe
1. 8C of hot water
2. 10 herbal tea bags of different flavors (peach, blueberry, mango, cherry, mixed berry, pomegranate, etc.- I just added what was in my pantry. You can use different flavors – what floats your boat. I just like the fruit taste)
3. Juice from 1-2 lemons

Place a variety of tea bags into a pot. Add the hot water. Let the tea steep in the hot water for at least 10 minutes (it can steep longer if you like).

In the mean time, add the lemon juice to the carafe/pitcher your tea will go into. Remove tea bags from the pot and add the tea to your carafe/pitcher.

Refrigerate. Serve over ice. Taste the awesomeness.