Danger, Will Robinson, Danger

Danger, Will Robinson, danger...must resist pizza for dinner.

Danger…danger…must resist pizza.

Well today just got away from me. I pretty much ran errands all day. Now it’s after 5:00 p.m., the hubby will be home soon and I have nothing for dinner. Yikes!

Days like this are dangerous. It becomes so easy to  order a pizza or go out for dinner. And that’s when I pack on the pounds.

It’s amazing how easy it is to fall into bad habits. I didn’t think twice about ordering a pizza.  It came a little too natural for my liking.

Thankfully when this thought crossed my mind, I was working my way through a photo album. I came across a photo of me at 300+ lbs.

Crisis averted.

I have a mess of leftovers – BBQ rubbed pork tenderloin, chili, a grilled turkey sausage link, a couple of eggs, and veggies for grilling. I think we’ll do a potluck dinner today.

After dinner, I have a new photo to add to our refrigerator.

Alcohol, Homer J. Simpson & Weight Loss

Trust the Tao of Homer!

Trust the Tao of Homer! Image courtesy of Simpson Crazy

I had dinner last night with my good friend Elizabeth. We went to the Dogfish Head AleHouse. What a difference a year makes. Miss E and I both worked together at a hellacious office. It was very common for us to visit the local watering hole after work and consume about 10-15 Weight Watchers points in our favorite wines or brews.

So last night after being seated Elizabeth asked if I wanted the beer menu. “Nope,” I replied. Without skipping a beat, she put it aside and we both opted for water and unsweetened ice tea. Then I thought of something that great philosopher Homer J. Simpson said:

“…Alcohol! The cause of and solution to all of life’s problems.”

He is so right.

Yes, alcohol may have helped in commiserating about the job, but it came at a cost.

A chunk of my weight gain came from drinking wine. I do love the nectar of the gods (Hell, I still want to open my own wine store). And Miss E knows her good brews. The difference today? Both of us are focused like frickin’ laser beams on our health (oh, and we both have quit our jobs).

During the last year, I really have limited my alcohol. I’m probably down to twice a month and when I do drink, it’s about 2 4-ounce glasses at the most now.

Never doubt the Tao of Homer.