Going Primal! 21-Day Challenge Starts May 1

Starting May 1 I’m taking The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge. Created by Mark Sisson’s of Mark’s Daily Apple (one of my favorite blogs), the challenge is designed to help you make a few foundational changes to how you approach food, exercise and life.

What Can I Eat?
Since I already eat low carb, I’ve got the food part nailed down…for the most part. I’m already eating real food (when it’s on sale!) and avoiding sugar, grains, bad fats, legumes and processed foods.

The Primal Food Pyramid is much different (and healthier!) than the junk pushed by the USDA. Source: Mark's Daily Apple.

The Primal Food Pyramid is much different (and healthier!) than the junk pushed by the USDA. Source: MarksDailyApple.com.

I’m starting to menu plan. My normal meals and snacks are pretty much on target. But Mark’s site has plenty of tasty-looking, low carb recipes I plan to try out during the challenge. Read More

Weekly Weigh-In: Up 1 Pound, But Refocused On Next Goal

Weekly Weigh In feb 2014Despite fears that I’d over indulged, I ended the week 1 pound up. I finished the week strong by eating right, ridding myself of those sugar cravings and feeling better than I have in weeks.

For these last couple of weeks, I’ve felt out of sorts. Although I think the Paleo recipes I used possibly triggered some sugar cravings (more on that in an upcoming post), I don’t believe the diet made me sluggish. As I mentioned, except for eating “clean” foods, the diet is pretty much how I eat regularly.

Sure, I worked out (knee permitting), but I wasn’t as active at home. While I tried to focus on my next goal – losing 20+ pounds to finally weigh below 200, something just wasn’t clicking. The energy and excitement were missing.

I think it has to do with losing 100+ pounds. I’ve been so fixated on that number that it’s almost as if my brain decided it was time to take a vacation. By immediately switching gears and focusing on that next goal, I muted my celebration. My reward for crossing the century mark is a day spa trip in March. After two years on this journey, that spa will be a great way to recharge my batteries for the final push to reaching my goal.

Maybe I need to schedule my next reward ahead of such an important milestone, instead of a month after. Mental wellness is key in any weight loss journey.

The good news is I’m focused now and I won’t make the same mistake when I hit my next goal.