If You Can’t Stand The Heat (& Humidity), Shed Some Pounds

After losing 100+ pounds, today's scorcher doesn't bother me. In fact I'm looking forward to my 1.5 mile run!

After losing 100+ pounds, today’s scorcher doesn’t bother me. In fact I’m looking forward to my 1.5 mile run!

I have to admit, I worried that once Virginia’s heat and humidity kicked into full swing, my walking and running would come to a complete stop. Sure I love summer, but I hate the oppressive humidity. What a difference dropping 100+ pounds makes.

The heat and humidity arrived two weeks ago, yet I’m spending the bulk of my time outside. For some reason the hot, sticky weather isn’t that big of a deal when I go for runs or walks. I’m also finding myself sitting on our back deck mid day reading a book and just enjoying the day. Sure I get sweaty, but I’m not fidgeting or dying to get back into our air-conditioned house.

What gives?

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