Fall’s Here: Time For A Facial Routine

How do I know fall is here? Right on cue there’s a chill to the evening air, the leaves are turning color and my skin is drying out. Once the weather turns cooler my hands and legs become itchy and flaky. There was never enough lotion in the world to stop the itching. Of course I’d always start applying lotion consistently when the painful cracks appeared.

Thankfully my fear of loose skin kicked my daily care routine into high gear. I’m much more proactive, applying lotion daily and staying hydrated (water really is the key to great skin!). Unfortunately I was so focused on all the areas with loose skin (my body) that my facial routine went out the window.

So it shouldn’t be that big of a shock when I woke up this morning with a dry, flaky nose and forehead. Ugh! Read More