Perfecting The Butter Burger

butter burger 2

My second attempt at perfecting the Butter Burger. I’m closer with this one.

I’m finally feeling a heck of a lot better after being in bed for the last 6 days. I got hit with a nasty cold. I made the mistake of thinking I bounced back pretty quickly on Sunday. I felt great and it was a beautiful day. So after walking the dogs, grocery shopping and a few errands, rather than resting I decided to do some grilling for lunch.

So I started my second attempt at a butter burger. My first didn’t go as well as I hoped. You are supposed to put a pat of butter in the middle of your ground beef before it hits the grill. Well I found that it just melts out and the burger isn’t any more juicy for it. Read More

Light Meal: Portabella Pizza

pizza 3

My portabella pizza, just before going into the oven (and eventually into my belly). Now that’s how you make a pizza!

After rushing out the door to pick up one dog from the beauty parlor, coming home to find a mess left by my cat, and another dog demanding his walk, I decided to deviate from last night’s scheduled pulled pork fest. I opted for something off the cuff, quick and light. I saw the portabella mushroom caps next to my yellow tomato sauce and inspiration hit – portabella pizzas!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try my grocery store’s pepperoni.  Not the stuff that comes in the little red bag and loaded with chemicals. Nope, I’m talking real pepperoni sausage. I had to try it and I love it!

I used my homemade tomato sauce for this concoction! The recipe is below. However I’m sure something from the store is fine, but just watch those carbs.  Read More