My Turkey Day Carb Challenge

The number I’m staying under for Thanksgiving is 30. Thirty grams total carbs for the day. Not net carbs. Total carbs. I think I have a menu that gets me there. Of course I’m doing a 24 hour fast that ends with Thanksgiving dinner. To me the real challenge isn’t keeping my allowed carb count for the day. It’s cooking while fasting. Yikes!

Anyway, I hit the grocery stores today. Yep, that’s stores with an “s” because this is the week I rarely find what I need at one grocery store. Fingers are crossed that won’t be the case, but Thanksgiving grocery shopping is the one time where you really need to expect the worst but hope for the best.

So, I have my list. I’ve already posted videos of the turkey and stuffing recipes I’m using. I’m adding in a high fat veggie dish — Brussels sprouts au gratin. For the crunch on top I’m skipping the breadcrumbs and going with bacon. Yum!

I’m making a cranberry sauce too, but I’m not making that much. We always have way too much of it stuff leftover. So I’m cutting back on the recipe. I debated whether I should even make it. It is difficult to get a reasonable carb count. But folks love it so. My plan is to limit myself to half a serving.

The husband put in a request for an apple pie. Not a low carb apple pie, but a real apple pie. His argument — “It’s Thanksgiving after all and you’re fasting afterwards.”

True. I planned to try a 7 day fast shortly after Thanksgiving. More on that next week.

I do make a mean apple pie. It isn’t healthy, but it is glorious. So I might just make tiny apple pies for the husband and my mom. As for me? I’d rather have an extra glass of champagne (1.5g of carbs, ya know!).

Dot’s Thanksgiving Menu

  • Turkey (2g carbs/serving)
  • Mushroom Sausage Stuffing (5.5g carbs/serving)
  • Brussels Sprouts Au Gratin (est. 4g carbs/serving)
  • Cranberry Sauce (est. 3g carbs/half serving)
  • Champagne (est. 1.5g carbs/serving)

Overall that puts me just under 20g of carbs so far. So room for seconds, but only if I’m hungry. Just need to stay strong and avoid nibbling while cooking.