Giving Organ Meats A Shot


I’ve never had organ meat but this year I’m giving it a shot. Nutrient rich calf liver is first up. Image courtesy of and mister GC.

In my quest to become fearless in the kitchen, I’ve decided I’m going to give organ meats a try, starting with liver. I have no idea how to cook organ meats or how they taste, but I’m spending part of the day flipping through Julia Child’s Mastering The Art Of French Cooking. Her recipes are simple and easily turned low carb by substituting almond flour with wheat flour.

But mainly I’m reading Julia to build up my courage.

Why Organ Meats?
I’ve read in different books that mentioned how our ancestors ate all parts of an animal, but specific parts were more desirable than others. Eyes and organs were preferred over muscle meat (what we eat today).

Organ meats are nutrient powerhouses and liver is one of the best. Nutrients include high amounts of A, multiple B vitamins, folic acid (awesome for someone like me in the early stages of IVF treatments), iron, cooper, iron, and C0Q10, important for cardiovascular function. Take that multivitamins! Read More