Do You Take The Blue or Red Pill?

My vitamin supplements and prescription deep does the rabbit-hole go?

My vitamin supplements and prescription meds…how deep does the rabbit-hole go?

I lost some good habits when I was in Arizona this summer.  Slowly I’ve added them back into my daily routine.  Today, I’m once again taking my supplements after breakfast. While I didn’t stop taking them completely, I did drop my daily routine.

Well now I’m committed to getting back on track. I take a few because my doctor recommended them, so this is a good thing.  Along with my regular prescription, I’m taking:

Vitamin D – I discovered my Vitamin D deficiency after my 2011 physical.  When your doctor recommends buying the Vitamin D with the “biggest number” on the bottle, you better heed warning sign.  The good news is that after taking it everyday for nearly 2 years, my Vitamin D levels are normal.

Vitamin C – At my last physical, my Vitamin C levels hit the bare minimum. Green leafy vegetables make up my sole source. Since the diabetes scare, I drastically cut back on sugar and switched to low-carb foods. The result, diabetes is no longer a risk, but my fruit intake is nearly non-existent. I’ll start adding fruit back in to my diet when I’m 30 lbs from goal. I’m not deficient in my Vitamin C levels. So I limit it to a low dose a few times a week.

Vitamin B – Another vitamin where I met the bare minimum. Looking to bump this level up, like Vitamin C, I limit this one to every other day. Vitamin B is great for skin health – perfect for my dry skin.

Omega 3 – Yea, fish oil! Good for my blood pressure. One of my dailies.

Baby Aspirin – Again, recommended by my doctor for good heart health. Also a daily.

Multivitamin – I take these every other day because, like all folks changing their eating habits, I’m not getting the full benefits of vitamins in the foods I’m eating.

Supplements are important, but you need to take the right ones. There are lots of problems with taking too many vitamins.  With jacked up levels of vitamins in foods, juices and water, it’s easy to over do it . I only take what my doctor recommends. And I’m careful to read the food labels. My next physical is coming up in November. Hopefully my numbers will improve again and I can drop some of the supplements.

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