Everyday Beauty: Picking The Right Lip Color

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With so many colors to choose from, how do you pick the color that’s right for you? Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono and FreeDigitialPhotos.net.

After nearly two weeks since my makeup makeover, I finally went shopping for some lipstick. I headed out to my local drug store and quickly got overwhelmed. So many choices. They all look so pretty. But how to tell if the one I pick is the right color for me?

And it’s not like Walgreens will let me try them on.

I immediately avoided the reds. I’ve never found a red lipstick that looked good on me.

But then I thought, I look great wearing my red shirts and sweaters. So what gives?

Then it dawned on me. When I went shopping with my Glam Squad we selected makeup based on my skin tone and eye color. Hmmmm… it makes sense that my skin and lip colors are key to selecting the right lipstick.

I left the store empty-handed, but more determined.

When I got home I asked The Google to clarify this mystery.  Bobbi Brown’s Lip System had the answer for me.

It turns out picking the right color isn’t all that hard.

Using the natural color of my lips as my guide, I can find my matching lip color. From there, staying in that color family, I can easily find flattering neutral, bright and deep lipstick shades. And I can play with different textures.

Seems like a simple way to start building my lipstick collection.  Of course it only took me 30 years to figure it out.

Tomorrow I head out to Macy’s cosmetics department, much more confident of success.