Weekly Weigh-In: Down 7.6 Pounds, Baby!

Below 250 lbs for the first time in 10 years! Bye-bye plateau.

Below 250 lbs for the first time in 10 years! Bye-bye plateau.

When I woke up this morning, I had a great feeling about stepping on the scale.  I arrived at my Weight Watcher’s meeting to find the building empty.


Then I remembered that the meeting relocated due to renovations. But I couldn’t remember where. Thankfully, my trusty Weight Watchers app pointed me to the temporary place.  Come hell or high water, I was stepping on that scale today!

I arrived with a few minutes to spare. I stepped on the scale and experienced my second shock that morning. I knew I’d lost some weight, maybe a couple of pounds. Ha! I dropped nearly 8 lbs. this week. I did a little happy dance as I stepped off the scale.

After 4 months of battling this plateau – bouncing between 252 – 255 lbs – I finally broke through the 250 lbs. barrier. I feel awesome.

When I started this little journey, I set a goal of losing 185 lbs.  I knew I needed to break my weight loss into smaller chunks so as not to feel overwhelmed. I settled on 5% increments. So when I started, 5% of my total body weight was 15 lbs…10% equaled 30 lbs total, and so on – very doable chunks.

Since January, I set my sights on hitting 250 lbs. The last time I weighed 250 was my wedding more than 10 years ago. So 250 a milestone?  Oh, a big one.

I’ve finally crossed the my weight loss Rubicon!

My total weight loss is now 78 lbs. I am 4 lbs. shy of losing 25% of my body weight.

Well, if 250 lbs. is my Rubicon, then hitting 200 lbs. is my white whale (just without the personal destruction).

Happy hunting!

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Kicking My Plateau’s Arse

Dot to Trot's smooth yoga moves? Nope. An image courtesy of ponsuwan/ FreeDigitalImage.net

Dot to Trot’s smooth yoga moves? Nope. Image courtesy of ponsuwan/FreeDigitalImage.net

If you are trying to lose weight then at some point or another you will hit a plateau. Plateaus are my mortal enemies. The quickest way to spell the end of my diets – hitting that damn plateau. They are just so maddeningly frustrating to break through.

I experienced a hellish one back in January. For nearly 7 miserable weeks the scale seemed stuck at 280. Oh, it would tease me and dip to 278 only to sucker punch me the next week to 282. No matter what I did food wise, I was stuck.

My normal M.O. when a plateau crosses my path is to give up. Not this time. Why? Attitude.

My only thought was how bad I was going to kick this plateau’s ass. People were going to feel sorry for this plateau when they realized how far my foot was up its butt. I knew I was on the right path – my clothes were all loose, I had way more energy, I didn’t want to eat unhealthy foods. Nothing was going to stop me.

So how did I kick this plateau’s arse? Yoga.

Because of my injuries, I lost weight just by eating right. However, come January, my metabolism settled in and my body got use to what I was doing. I couldn’t cut back without feeling hungry all day – not good when you are a fat chick! Eating healthy was no longer enough. Thankfully my doctor give me the clear to do yoga. I started doing yoga 3 days a week. And then, like magic, the scale started to cooperate.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve added daily walks to my routine, kicking my metabolism up a few more notches.

Obviously, the closer I get to my goal weight, the slower the weight will come off. While I’ve been averaging a loss of 3.5 lbs the last few weeks, I don’t expect to keep that up. Also, I know my plateau will come back someday. So I plan to be better prepared to give it another ass-whupping.