Head-2-Toe Makeover Next Month

Kitty likes my new dress size. And really, who wouldn't? I just need some more lbs to come off below the waist, then it's new wardrobe time!

Kitty likes my new dress size. And really, who wouldn’t? I just need some more pounds to come off below the waist, then it’s new wardrobe time!

Today is an awesome day!

Thanks to a business meeting, I needed a new outfit. Lo and behold my new dress (and belt).

Oh, did I mention it’s a size 20 (woohoo!) and, more importantly, kitty approved!

I’m not quite there yet as far as pants, but most size 20 dresses and tops fit pretty dang good this weekend.

The timing is perfect. Next month I’m going in for a full makeover: hair, make-up, clothes and shoes. I’m enlisting the help of some good friends who do this professionally.  I’m overly conservative in my selections and I need a fresh perspective. The weight loss gives me the confidence to try new styles and looks.

More details when we get closer to the event, plus you’ll have ring side seats.

Close To Learning Victoria’s Secret

brasSomething funny happened as I got measured for my new bra size. My band size dropped 2 sizes – yahoo! – but my cup size went up. Well this was a puzzler for me as it was for the lady with the tape measure. Perhaps Victoria’s Secret has a completely new meaning.

So what’s a girl to do? I asked The Google.

HT to the blogger at Big Girls Bras for explaining this mystery. Turns out it is very common for women to lose weight around the rib cage faster than lose volume in the breasts. Bra cup sizes scale down as the band size scales down. So a D46 doesn’t have the same cup size as a D42, even though they are both Ds. Much to the dismay of my husband, my breasts didn’t get bigger. My cup size went up to compensate for the same breast volume because my band size shrunk.

Groovy mystery solved.