Upper Body Workout: Resistance Is Futile

resistance bands, upper body weight exercise

Thanks to my new found commitment to weight training I’m sweaty, sore and feeling pretty dang peachy about myself!

I’m exhausted, sweating up a storm and my arms feel like jello thanks to a new upper body workout compliments of a great video I found on YouTube.

Up until this morning I’ve used the images in a booklet that came with the resistance bands that show the exercises as my guide. It gets rather dull and it’s hard to tell if my form is correct. So this morning I hunted for workout videos on YouTube. Most only show one exercise and I didn’t feel like stopping to switch out videos. And you really couldn’t see the exercise because someone didn’t use a camera with a zoom lens.

After about 30 minutes I found a video by a group called Fitness Blender. I don’t know who they are, but I absolutely loved this workout.

The Fitness Blender video is 27 minutes in length and you complete each set of exercises in 3 rounds. The video is easy to follow and challenging. Also the voice-over provides clear directions on form as does the video. Another nice feature – rather than jumping from one exercise to the next, the video also provided about 10-15 seconds in between exercises to give you time to adjust your bands. And between rounds there’s enough time for a short water break.

I did hit the pause button a lot during round 1. After last night’s push-up debacle, I continually added resistance during each exercise.  And each time, it was too much weight. So after wasting about 10 minutes switching out bands, I settled down and hit my rhythm during round 2. I did skip one exercise – the lateral pull. My room is too small for me to lay on the floor and get enough tension in the bands.

I found that by round 3, my arms turned to limp noodles. I hit the wall during the overhead tricep extension. I could only muster 9 at the end. On number 10, my forearm stopped midway up. I actually let out a small yell as if to will my arm up over my head.  My tricep decided to go on strike. It was awesome!

After my workout, I decided to check out Fitness Blender’s YouTube channel.  I hit the mother load!  I found a ton of full length exercise videos. From yoga to strength training to Pilates, you’ll find what you need.

I plan to mine their channel for workout gold.