Weight Loss & Wedding Rings

new ring

A new ring to rule them all…yep I got my new wedding band for Valentine’s and lost nearly 4 sizes in the process. Yay!

My husband surprised me on Valentine’s Day with a new wedding band. I haven’t worn my wedding band or engagement ring since April 2013. That’s when I tried to dry my hands by frantically waiving them in the air the rings flew off my finger. Thankfully I was home at the time and found them.

After that incident, I put my rings up for safekeeping thinking I can resize them once I hit goal. Turns out, resizing was out of the question due to how the stones were set within the band. Grrrr!

So nearly 3 years later, I’m down 145 pounds and have 30 more to go, but the husband thought enough time passed and I needed a new wedding band.

I settled on a band similar to the original — sapphires and diamonds (stones not embedded into the band) but with white instead of yellow gold. The big shock came when measuring my finger. I went from a size 10-1/2 to 6-3/4.

Yikes! I was so busy focusing on losing weight in the obvious places — stomach, thighs, bat wings arms, and butt — I never expected fat loss from my hands.

But I’m not complaining. All weight loss victories are welcome.



One Ring To Rule Them All…And It Doesn’t Fit

The two rings needed to rule my household...and a hand much in need of a manicure!

Two rings to rule my household and a hand much in need of a manicure!

I bet Frodo Baggins never had this problem. My rings of power fell off my finger. Actually, they sort of flew off as I tried to air dry my wet hands. Luckily it happened at our Love Shack and I retrieved them before one of our pups got a chance.

Considering I still have more than 100 pounds to lose, I’ve decided to not resize them just yet. If I have to cut them, I should do it only once.

I guess that means a temporary wedding band is in order…as well as a manicure.