4 Weeks Until I Run My First 5K

My problem Achilles tendon is rearing it's ugly head again. This morning the right side of my ankle is swollen and can't bear any weight. Time for a little R&R to avoid a possible tear.

I run my first 5K in 4 weeks. Unfortunately, my problem Achilles tendon is slowing down my 5K training. It’s feeling better lately and tomorrow I see just how far I can run without stopping.

Time is flying by. I looked at the calendar today and realized I only have 4 weeks left to train for my upcoming 5k. Holy cow! I’m starting to sweat it because I haven’t been consistent in my training.

For the last two months I’ve experienced a flare up with my Achilles’ tendon. It hurts the most in the mornings. After an hour of stretching and light walking I’m much more mobile. But I do have days where no matter the amount of stretching the blasted tendon hurts all day.

About a month ago it started hurting right after my runs. So I decided to go light on the running, just to play it safe. The last thing I want to do is rupture my Achilles. Read More