Top 5 Reasons I’m Saying Goodbye To My Microwave


Four years ago we downsized the size of our microwave. Now I’m wondering if we really need it.

I’m taking a hard look at my kitchen today to see how I can have more prep space to make my deliciously healthy low carb, high fat foods. After removing most jars, canisters, and machines from my counters, I’m now considering giving my microwave the boot.

From cooking Lean Cuisines, instant oatmeal, “baked” potatoes, to warming up leftover pizza or chicken breast, there was a time when the microwave was my kitchen’s workhorse. But now it seems more like a monument to convenience food. Stuff I don’t eat anymore. And that means it’s taking up valuable counter space!

I don’t mean to imply that since eating real foods I’ve stopped using the microwave. I use it to warm up grilled meat, chili, soup or to quickly melt butter or coconut oil. But I can do that using my range. Read More