Am I Getting Stronger? Getting A Handle On My Progress

Dot Workout Log

My new workout log. Time to start tracking my goal of building strength.

While I track what I eat, my exercise tracking is lacking to say the least. It’s a good habit I never tried to reinforce. But without tracking my progress it’s hard to know if I’m actually building strength.

To get stronger I need to constantly challenge myself physically. That means increasing the difficulty of my workouts. But if I can’t remember what or how well I did my last workout, then how do I know I’m doing better? Read More

My March Madness – 3 Healthy Challenges

dot weight lifting

I’m undergoing 3 challenges in March, including strength training.

I hear birds chirping. Our cherry blossoms have a ton of buds ready to bloom. Temperatures topped 60 degrees for 3 days straight. That means March is here and it’s time for a new monthly challenge.

So far this year I’ve only done one challenge – 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge. I did so poorly in January I decided to give it another try in February. Needless to say, February was a bust too.

For March, yes I’m doing the alcohol challenge again, but I’m adding two more challenges, both of which should help me go alcohol free this month (yes, even on St. Patty’s Day). Read More

Getting Serious About Weight Training

pink bag

My weights and resistance bands stayed in my pink gym bag far too much this winter and I paid the price.

My exercise routine is pretty non-existent this winter. Between the bitter cold, high winds, snowstorms, and the rain (lots of frickin’ rain!!), I’ve chosen the comforts of a warm home over working up a winter sweat.

Snowzilla Uncovers My Weakness
During Winter Storm Jonas earlier this month, I discovered something that made me very unhappy. I’ve lost some strength and felt out of breath at times during the many rounds of snow shoveling. I can’t even begin to tell you how sore my legs, back, and arms were…but hey, shoveling more than 3 feet of snow does that to you.

Thankfully, we were smart enough to not wait for all of the snow to hit the ground before we broke out our shovel. Moving 3 feet of snow at one time just wasn’t appealing to either of us. Read More

Exercise Vs. Training – Do Trainers Know The Difference?

Me in Oct. 2013 when I first started working with a trainer. Unfortunately, 3 trainers later, I still haven't graduated from the machines to free weights. So I'm leaving the trainer behind to build strength.

Me in Oct. 2013 when I started working with a trainer. Unfortunately, 3 trainers later, I still haven’t graduated from the machines to free weights. So I’m leaving the trainer behind to build strength.

I really love working out, but I’m finding it harder to get my groove going for the past several weeks. Oh, sure, I go walking and running. I do love those. And I love my spin classes, but it’s awfully hard biking inside when the sunshine calls to me. As for my muscle workouts…one word sums up how I feel about them:  Blah!

After nearly 2 years, 3 trainers (yes 3 trainers), I’m getting bored frustrated by the routine. It feels like I’m doing the same machines over and over. I love working with free weights. Unfortunately, my trainer seems to prefer the same 5 lbs. dumbbells, and doing 4 sets of 25 reps to tire out my shoulders every other session. Grrrr!!!!! Read More