Finally I Can Eat Healthy Again

I can finally eat more healthy foods than canned chicken noodle soup. Courtesy of heyna reality and

I can finally eat more healthy foods than canned chicken noodle soup. Courtesy of heyna reality and

I’m feeling better than I was yesterday. The strep throat will be gone by this weekend. I’ve been completely low carb the last two days and can once again eating vegetables without the excruciating pain (sort of).

The infection did spread to my left ear and my jaw. So there are moments, like when I ate a celery stalk this morning, that I experience a slight stabbing pain. But that too is starting to fade.

My appetite isn’t quite back yet. For the last two days I’ve only ate breakfast and dinner. Mainly because I’m just not hungry…and my 5 hour power nap in the middle of the day.  Who knew strep throat was so exhausting?

Despite my lack of appetite I’m not looking forward to stepping on the scale this weekend. Other than scrambled eggs, I ate nothing I would consider healthy. That’s because only the high-carb stuff — bread and chicken noodle soup — didn’t hurt (as much) going down.

No doubt about it, strep throat is a temporary diet killer.

Surviving on Soup & Eggs

Well after trying some comfort food, I'm back to eating lukewarm soup and scrambled eggs. Strep Throat has sidelined me the week.

Well after trying some comfort food, the pain from the strep throat drove me back to eating lukewarm soup and scrambled eggs. Image courtesy of cuteimage and

Ugh! Swallowing is still very painful. It takes about 7 days for strep throat to go away once you start the antibiotics. So I have a few more days of this crud left. I can only eat soup and scrambled eggs (lots of eggs!) somewhat pain-free. I’m staying away from juices and only drinking water, herbal tea (lukewarm) and herbal ice tea. I made the mistake of drinking my carbonated water on day one — that hurt something fierce.

I have no idea how many carbs I’m taking in during my illness. I’m not tracking anything. Since my food is limited to what doesn’t hurt going down, I saw no point of tracking. A girl’s gotta eat and anything soft and cool on the back of my throat is all that matters.

I did enjoy 2 comfort foods over the weekend — frozen custard and pizza.  Actually, “enjoy” isn’t the right word.  Yes, the foods lit up my taste buds, but my throat was having none of that joy.  Friday night my husband picked up 2 pints of frozen custard — chocolate and low-carb vanilla. Initially the frozen custard felt great on my throat, but by the time Sunday rolled around, it felt like broken glass.

The pizza was just a bad idea but my mind told me I needed comfort food while I’m sick. Even though I let my slices cool significantly before eating, the sauce felt like molten lava on the back of my throat. It took about 45 minutes just to eat 2 slices.

So now I’m back to eggs and soup.

As for working out, I have no wish to hit the gym anytime soon.  I still have a fever and until that breaks, I’m not going anywhere. If this clears up by Friday, I may hit the spin room on the weekend for a light workout.

Otherwise, this week I’m on a break.

Weekly Weigh-In: Goodbye Plateau, Hello Antibiotics!

Success! Down 5.4 lbs. this week and finally broke free of the plateau.

Success! Down 5.4 lbs. this week and finally broke free of the plateau.

I woke up this morning with a throbbing ear and a sore throat (just the left side) and promptly called my doctor’s office to see if I could get checked out today. The last thing I wanted was an ear infection over the weekend with no meds. After scheduling the appointment I decided to weigh-in today. If I have to eat carb heavy soups this weekend, I might as well weigh myself before the damage is done.

Good move! I lost 5.4 pounds this week and that puts my total weight loss at 110 pounds. Eating 20g of carbs a day paid off and kicked that plateau to the curb.

“Wow! That Throat’s A Hot Mess”
After weighing in, I headed straight to my doctor’s office. Now I’ve felt tired for the last couple of days and had a very runny nose for a few weeks. I naturally assumed I was fighting a cold and starting to lose the battle. But this morning the pain in my ear and throat was intense.

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