Hanging Up My Spin Wheel…For Now

spinning class, fitness

Sigh…I’m taking my cycling shoes out of my gym bag. No spin classes while my knee is on the mend. So sad.

After talking with my mom, I’ve decided to stop spinning for the time being. Yesterday my knee was hurting something fierce. I worried I’d pushed myself too hard during a spin class.

Mom, a retired doctor, relieved me of my fears and diagnosed that my *leg elevation technique, and not the spin class, was the cause of the fresh pain behind my knee.

She still suggested I hang up my cleats for the time being and work on babying my knee for a couple of weeks. “Push the exercise,” she warned, “and you’ll really screw up your knee.”

I’m heeding her advice.

New Exercise Regimen
I’m still going to see my trainer twice a week, but with a focus on upper body and core while the knee heals.  Also I’ll continue with my morning stretches and light yoga.

Since spinning is out, it means I’m going to buy that swimsuit this weekend.  Yep, swimming replaces spin class and it’s Dr. Mom approved! I need to keep the muscles around me knee strong, as it’ll help in my recovery (especially if I need surgery). My local rec center has a pool and it’s about $7 to use the facilities. I’m starting with once a week. If my knee responds to swimming, then I’ll add another day.

Moderate exercise is important if I want to recover fast.

*How exactly did I screw up elevating my leg? In bed, I propped my knee on 3 pillows and fell a sleep. The next morning, the back of my knee hurt like hell and walking on it was worse. The elevation was too high and I ended up stretching out the tendons behind my knee. Lesson learned. For now on, just one pillow under my knee when I sleep. 

What’s Your Exercise Type?

This morning I played with Weight Watchers’ eTools checking out the fitness section. I discovered a fitness quiz designed to build a personal activity profile and training guide. A quiz? Fun.

The first time through, I’d answer the questions honestly to get my profile. Then I’d run through the quiz multiple times to see the different types of personalities I am not. Why? I’m a marketer. It’s what I do.

The multiple-choice questions were pretty simple: last time I exercised regularly, do I like working out with other people, outdoor vs. indoor workouts, and am I competitive.

From what I can tell, quiz takers fit into one of five categories: competitor, explorer, individualist, joiner, and perfect partner.

(You can take the activity profile quiz if you are a subscriber to Weight Watchers eTools. Otherwise, take the poll to choose your exercise type.)

Well, it turns out I’m an (drum roll, please)…Individualist!

I can see that. Working out is a time for me to clear my thoughts. Also if I’m exercising with friends I’m more likely to socialize than get a great workout. I know my limitations!

As for the suggested workouts, some I’m already doing like hiking, walking, yoga and strength training. But some suggestions intrigued me: biking, hitting balls at a driving range, water workouts (suggest exercises for the pool), and inline skating.

The last time I rode a bike?  About 20 years ago.  Now I did buy a bike in 2010. Where’s that bike now? Sitting in a shed. How sad. Maybe this fall I get back on that horse.

There’s a pool and driving range near out house. Perhaps a couple of times a month I try swimming and hitting golf balls. It certainly breaks up the monotony of walking and yoga everyday.

As for inline skating, all I can say is “Yikes!”  I’d say that’s a big, fat no for now. Until I master the bike, no way in hell I’m getting on skates.  Now that doesn’t mean never. Maybe it’s something to try next spring.