Time For New Running Shoes

Saucony Hurricane ISO

Caution: Shoes are much more neon yellow than they appear! Introducing the new Saucony Hurricane ISO, my new running shoe!

After my 5K Saturday morning, the hubby got the running bug. A few years ago he got into running but thanks to work and “the state of The World” (of Warcraft),” he got sidetracked. Well now that he is working out at the gym and mostly sticking to his low carb foods, he wants to take up running again.

Sunday we headed over to Pacers, a local running store, for a proper shoe fitting. Thinking ahead, I wore my running shoes. Was it time for a new pair? Turns out, the answer was a big yes!

Unlike past sneakers, the outer heel wasn’t worn down — a sign I’m an underpronator. I have high arches so my feet are less flexible than most people. Underpronation is a fancy way of saying my feet don’t absorb the impact of running because they don’t roll inward enough. Read More

Time For New Running Shoes or Do I Go Bare?

Thanks to two holes directly over my big toes, it's time to retire my Nikes.

Thanks to two holes directly over my big toes, it’s time to retire my Nikes.

For the last 8 months, I’ve watched two tears in my shoes grow into rather large holes. On my run yesterday both of my big toes protruded out from each hole. Not a very comfortable feeling. Alas, it is time to replace my beloved Nikes.

After reading Born To Run, my husband encouraged me to pick up a pair of minimalist running shoes. Basically minimalist running shoes simulate barefoot running – there is little padding compared to traditional running shoes. The idea being that barefoot running is the natural way to run. Barefoot running is supposed to correct your form and changes how your foot strikes the ground, resulting in fewer injuries.

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