Recovering From This Weekend’s Carbopalooza

tape measure fork

Six weeks since my surgery and I’m officially getting back into the healthy eating business. Image courtesy of and Mister GC.

This weekend the hubby and I visited some friends at a cabin in West Virginia. We haven’t seen them since my diagnosis and they thought it would be a great chance for me to rest, relax and heal. Before going I made the decision early to not sweat the food choices and it was a good decision.

The food was home cooked and tasted great. I ate low carb when I could but I didn’t beat myself up if I strayed. I mean, when a cute 12-year-old offers you (a fellow baker) a brownie she made herself, it’s hard to refuse.

Now that I’m back at home I decided to start the week with a two-day fast. What better way to kick this weekend’s carb monkey off my back and jump into ketosis?

Following the fast I’m doing a pretty simple ketogenic food plan that’s high fat, moderate protein and very low carb. This is a real test as I’m significantly lowering my carbs and limiting my protein and dairy. I’m still eating 20g of carbs daily, but I’m counting total carbs rather than net carbs.

Oh and of course no alcohol or coffee either.

You can check out my menu for this week. I’m still tweaking it…why not as I have 2 whole days to finalize it. I’m not thrilled with the total carb count for Friday’s lunch, but hey I really do want to work in an awesome ketogenic BLT! Maybe Friday night’s dinner becomes fat and protein only.

That might work.


What I’m Eating To Lose Weight

Since I’ve hit another plateau in my ongoing weight loss saga, I decided to go back to basics and retool my weekly menu. Yes, that’s right, I plan out my household meals each week. If you are trying to lose weight and don’t have a weekly meal plan, then you are fighting an uphill battle.

When fighting the battle of the bulge, I have found the weekly menu key to my success. A menu takes the guess-work out of what you’re making for the week. It helps me remember to not skip any meals or snacks. I can balance my meals so that I’m getting the right amount of protein, carbs and fat.  Also it helps me plan my grocery shopping and can save dollars. It’s also not that time-consuming once you know what you are doing. At first it would take me about 30 minutes to plan for the week. Now it takes just minutes.

Simplicity is the key. My daily PointsPlus (PP) allowance is 36 – down from 45 when I first started menu planning! Also, the menu keeps me to 20-25g of carbs a day.

So what’s on tap for today?

2 Eggs, Scrambled
1/2 Raw Tomato
1/2 Avocado
PP = 8
Carbs = 5g

Morning Snack

1 Celery Stick
2 Tbsp Cream Cheese
PP = 2
Carbs = 2g

 6 oz Chicken Breast, No Skin, No Bone
2 C Spinach
1 Small Tomato
1 Serving Oil & Vinegar
PP = 8
Carbs = 4g

Afternoon Snack
1/2 Zucchini cut into sticks
1 oz Monterey Jack Cheese
PP = 2
Carbs = 3g


6 oz Ground Beef Pattie
1 1/2C Steamed Broccoli
3/4C Steamed Cauliflower
1/2 Serving Brown Butter Sauce
1 C Mixed Greens
1 Tbsp Oil & Vinegar
PP = 14
Carbs = 7g

That gives me 21g of carbs for the day and puts my PointsPlus count at 35, giving me some wiggle room. Nice.