Weekly Weigh-In: Down 3.8 Lbs., Almost Out Of 200 Club

I'm at my lowest weight in nearly 25 years.  I'm so close to busting out of the 200s! Woohoo!!!

I’m at my lowest weight in nearly 25 years. I’m so close to busting out of the 200s! Woo hoo!!!

Another awesome week as I stayed on track eating just 20g of carbs/day. I’m down 3.8 pounds. That puts my total weight loss at 121.4 lbs! The best news of all? I’m close to leaving the 200s. Yep, I officially weigh 203.6. Sweet!

I finally feel like I’ve busted this last plateau wide open. I’ve had great weight loss 4 out of the last 6 weeks.  The last plateau I broke by upping my workouts. That didn’t work this time.

What’s the difference?

This time around it was all diet. Turns out I was a little lax in my measurements. So when I needed to eat 2 cups of mixed greens, I was probably eating 3 or 4 cups. An ounce of avocado became 3 ounces. Six ounces of sirloin steak turned into 8. Sigh…

There are no short cuts to weight loss. I was pretty good at measuring things with my eye or using my hand as a guide. I just got lazy…and my eyes too big for my stomach. So now I’m back to measuring and weighing everything. At some point I’ll once again gain the confidence to use my hands as a way to measure out all my food. When that happens, I’ll remind myself that I need to do some spot-checking with my scale to keep me honest.