Time To Get Back To Blogging


Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net and Stuart Miles.

I’ve been away for a bit. I do love blogging. It’s just that the old, bad habit of being lazy really took hold for many months. Sure, I’m doing cooking videos and vlogging about “My Final 50.” However the idea was to keep a daily written “confessional” about how I’m doing. You know, the accountability thing.


But my beloved lazy mouse kicked in.

“Hey, I’m doing videos. It’s a lot of work and something has to give.”


The truth is it’s easy to let things slide. And when I let something I love doing – writing – go by the wayside, then it makes it easy for other things to slide. Things like:

  • Taking a morning walk.
  • Passing on that 3rd glass of wine.
  • Grabbing a handful of nuts when I’m not hungry.

So I’m happy to report that I’m tired of being lazy. This blog is my touchstone. It’s what keeps me honest…accountable…focused when it comes to my health and waistline.

I’m not shooting for daily posts…initially. My plan is to start with 3 weekly posts about my quests for optimal health, fitness, and finally kicking lazy mouse to the curb.

Video: Industrious Mouse Vs. Lazy Mouse


Accountability Time!

My little trip to Texas added on 8 pounds to my waistline. Time to face the consequences.

My little trip to Texas added on 8 pounds to my waistline. Time to face the consequences.

Well my 2 weeks in Texas resulted in an 8 pound weight gain. While the meals I cooked were spot on (I took a meal plan with me), it was those blasted snacks and adult beverages that got me. Oh, and let’s not forget the road food on the drive. Ugh!

Thanks to that gain, I’m now slightly more than 11 pounds away from hitting the 200 pound mark.

I have to admit I dreaded stepping on the scale once I got home. Yes, I know I always preach about not fearing the scale. Part of me thought the longer I avoid the scale, the more time I have to lose anything I gained from the trip.

Not good. I forgot I needed to hold myself accountable for my actions in Texas. Ah…there’s that blasted word…accountability. Not stepping on the scale for 4 days is the opposite of being accountable.

My biggest enemy in the battle of the bulge is myself. No one else is going to hold me accountable for eating all those potato chips. Only I can do that.

Rewards & Consequences Schmonsequences
To keep myself accountable I have a reward system (pedicures, massages, new workout clothes). But what about when I mess up? What’s the consequence? It can’t be just weight gain — that happens sometimes if I do everything right.

So I decided on the worst possible punishment ever…burpee madness!

That’s right! I’ve decided I need to do 10 burpees for each pound and an extra 20 for waiting to get on that scale.  That’s 100 burpees, baby! I’ve done 50 so far today. Another 50 to go!