Tooth Gone And I’m Puffing Up

Boy do I look pitiful. Haven't seen a cheek that puffy since Vito Corleone.

Boy do I look pitiful. Check is swelling fast. Haven’t seen anything so puffy since Vito Corleone.

It’s gone. My last upper wisdom tooth is no more. My face is starting to get all puffy. Time to apply my little ice pack…frozen peas! The whole thing took less than 90 seconds. I spent more time picking up my soft food at the grocery store than at the dentist this morning.

Pasta. My dental technician really stressed eating pasta…lots of pasta for the next few days. Great. What fattie doesn’t want medical approval to eat their favorite trigger food. My goal is to avoid pasta for as long as possible with my other food options.

Dentist approved foods include jello, pudding, and baby bear style (think about it) soup.  Oh, and my personal favorite, salt water starting on Friday. Yum.

Foods that made the naughty list – bacon, ground beef, steak, anything crunchy (good-bye salad!) and ice cream. All, except the ice cream, are staples on my low carb diet.

I ended up buying cream of tomato, butternut squash and chicken noodle soups, chocolate pudding (sugar-free), and whole milk.  My goal is to stick with the soups for the next 48 hours. If I can get to Saturday, I can then eat some chicken and more solid veggies.

Otherwise, I’m wearing comfy jammies, laying on the couch with remote in hand, ready to catch up on the adventures of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

Soft Food Day – Getting Wisdom Tooth Pulled

Image courtesy of hin255 and

Image courtesy of hin255 and

One of my 3 remaining wisdom teeth gets the boot today. It’s not impacted. Nope, just a really nasty cavity. So it’s time to bid the tooth à dieu.

I’m off to the grocery store to pick up some soft food. Yes, I’m picking up some low carb protein shakes. But I’m also grabbing a few carb heavy items like chicken noodle soup, bananas and ice cream (of course).

I’ll need some comfort.