Picking Up The Pace

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walk recordBefore my injuries in 2012, it was difficult for me to walk a block without having my lower back locking up on me forcing me to sit. While I had hoped that walking would be my primary exercise as I started losing weight, injury after injury stopped me in my tracks.  So until Feb. 2013, I hadn’t exercised at all – eating smart was the driver of my weight loss.

Yesterday was my first walk in about 8 months.  I decided to walk down to a grocery store and back – something simple.  Just wanted to test the waters. It was amazing! I felt great throughout the walk and had the feeling that it was way too short.  I walked nearly 2 miles with an average pace of 17 min/mi.  In 2012 I couldn’t cross the street without being in pain.  Down 58 lbs and pain free, can’t wait to strap on my Nikes and hit the pavement today.

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