Loving My Walking App

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So far I’m lovin’ MapMyWalk. It is very easy to use (always a good thing for an app), its FREE (bonus!) and I love that I can track what I’ve done for the week.

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 5.03.33 PMI’ve just been using the record function when I start my walks – no set routes. I use the voice feedback function to tell me my pace, speed and calories burned. It also provides elevation stats to boot! Granted, I’m not facing any real inclines, but I’m working up to it, I promise.

I’m going to test its Create a Map function tomorrow morning. I’ve decided to create a walk around a park nearby our house. I’m shooting for 2.5 miles tops.

Hopefully I’ll have my walking playlist set by then. Who knew choosing the right songs would be so dang hard?!?

As for my progress, my pace picked up today – I averaged 17.03 min/mi compared to 17.39 min/mi on Monday. Sweet!

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