Switching My Office Chair For An Exercise Ball

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Say hello to my new chair!

Say hello to my new chair!

I have a very nice ergonomic home office chair. But I’ve decided to give it up for a GoFit Proball. That’s right, I’ll be doing a core workout while writing this blog. Awesome!

Now, I’m not using one of those ball chairs – the one where the ball sits in a chair frame. That is just stupid. I’m sitting on a real ball…OK, that does sound strange. Bear with me.

When sitting on the ball, my body has to constantly make small adjustments to remain balanced. I’ll use my core (abdominal muscles) to compensate for changes in balance, resulting in a low-key abdominal workout. I spend roughly 2-3 hours online a day. That’s a nice core workout.

Seems like cheating to me. What say you?

Seems like cheating to me. What say you?

As for why I am opposed to the ball chair, I just view it as defeating the purpose. Seems like the balance part is completely removed if the ball is sitting in a frame with arm rests (what, no cup holder?).

Picking the right ball is key. I had to factor in my height, weight and my desk’s height. The ball needs to be about 4 inches higher than my current chair. I’m 5’5” so I’m using a 65cm exercise ball.

The ball gets blown up tonight and I plan to start using it tomorrow. The office chair doesn’t go away. I can only use the ball for 20-minute intervals. That way my muscles can get some rest to prevent fatigue and get maximum benefit.

Now my only major concern is kitty claws.

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