Got My Mojo Workin’

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It’s amazing what eating right can do for you. Since Saturday I’ve averaged 22g carbs per day.  Result? My energy level is through the roof.  I’m pretty much on the go from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Since energy without direction = bad things, I’ve harnessed this energy into fixing up the house.

Before you couldn't even see any part of the wall in our closet. This is what eating right does!

Before you couldn’t see any part of the wall in our closet. This is what eating right does!

The last 2 days I tackled our spare bedroom that really doubled for my home office and storage. I demolished 3 large bookshelves (with a lot of help from  the hubby!), sorted through all the boxes, files, and overall junk, made 3 trips to the landfill, walked 3 dogs, picked up new storage from The Container Store (a very happy place), re-organized the crap we are keeping, cleaned the room, made dinner, and cleaned the kitchen.

Now I’m off to look at 1. Paint chips for this weekend’s project; and 2. Pick pretty annuals and planters to beautify that deck of mine (this afternoon’s project)!

I feel amazingly great now. I’m totally motivated to eat the right things and exercise. Added bonus: my thoughts don’t seem scattered. There is a huge difference in me between last week (bad food binges) and this week (healthy eating).

My mojo’s back, baby!

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    • Dot

      Grace – Thanks for the comment. Sorry for the delay in responding but my life’s been nutty this July. You’re blog is awesome. I love the recipes and may have to try a few.

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