Protein Shakes: More Filling, Crappy Taste

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Hot and sweaty...having my first protein shake after my 4 mile walk.

Hot and sweaty…having my first protein shake after my 4 mile walk.

After my walk today, I drank my first protein shake.  Easy to make, I drank it within 30 minutes of finishing my walk to get the full benefits.

It did the job as far as killing my hunger – I feel full, not bloated.  I certainly see how a protein shake can replace a meal.

I drank mine at 10:30 am as a substitute for my mid morning snack. I normally eat lunch at noon. Today, I’ll eat lunch closer to 1:30 pm.

As for the taste…horrible. I definitely need to mix the powder with ice-cold water.  So now I’m looking for ways to improve the taste.

Wow! What flavor. Not enjoying my first protein shake. Tomorrow, I add strawberries!

Filling, but doesn’t taste grrreat! Tomorrow, I add strawberries to this concoction.

I picked up some strawberries. A 1/4 cup equals 2 net carbs. The strawberries bump the shake’s net carb count to 3 – what my daily snacks average out to. Nice!

Hopefully tomorrow’s strawberry infused shake will taste significantly better.



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