Battling Gym Bugs: Did You Clean Your Machine?

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I love working out with kettlebells, but they are a hot bed of germs. At least some people wipe down machines, but how many wipe down dumbbells or kettlebells?

To all of my fellow gym members: Why the hell is it so hard for you to wipe down gym equipment? Do you realize bacteria, viruses, fungi and even MRSA is more easily spread at a gym?

This morning I saw no less than 8 people walk away from their machines without taking the 10 seconds required to wipe down equipment after they finished.

Hell, my gym even supplies the towels and cleaning fluid in spray bottles. How easy can it get?

Why Is Dot2Trot Ticked?
So far, I’m winning my battle against a cold that can’t get past the slightly sore throat stage. I’ve waged this bug battle for nearly a week and I think I know where the bug came from – my gym.

Normally I wipe down equipment twice – once before I get on and after I’m finished. And I’m careful about touching my eyes, ears, nose and mouth while working out. I always go and wash my hands after a workout and leave the gym rubbing my hands with a healthy dose of sanitizer.

Last week I made a mistake of scratching my nose with my hand while on the treadmill. That afternoon the sore throat started.

Lots of meds and hot tea later, I kicked that sore throat’s ass. But it’s tried to come back and visit me.

What Am I Doing To Stay Bug Free?

  • Bring my yoga mat (do you really think the gym wipes down those mats?)
  • Wash my hands before and after workouts, and rub on hand sanitizer after using each piece of equipment
  • Workout when fewer people are in the gym
  • Use Band-Aids on any cuts or scratches
  • Bring my towel for me; use the gym’s to wipe down equipment
  • Never use the water fountain; bring my own water
  • Shower at home, but if I used my gym’s showers I’d use flip-flops

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