It’s Going To Be One Of Those Days

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Today is going to be a lazy day after yesterday's intense workout.

I’m too sore to care…kitty gets a free pass today!

I woke up this morning to a cat in the sink. I left him there. Today is a lazy day.

Why? I’m soooo sore. Yesterday’s muscle workout and 5K training wiped me out.

Sure my workout with my trainer was hard, but I didn’t think anything of it. I started feeling sore about 4 hours after. What did she do to me?

I did 3 sets, all starting off with a very fast walk on the treadmill.

Since she learned I hate push-ups, for the last 4 sessions she’s included push-ups, in some form. However, yesterday I discovered an exercise I hate more than push-ups — the Jack Knife!  Wow those kicked my butt.

I thought my arms took the bulk of the punishment. Ha! Just a few hours later my legs, abs and lower back started feeling it — damn you Jack Knife!

About 5 hours after my muscle workout I started my 5K interval training. I ended up repeating my first long run (1 mile) since I thought the app malfunctioned by not tracking my distance. I ended up going over 1.5 miles.

After checking out my Easy 5K app, it turns out my iPhone was the culprit.  The app works perfectly fine. I upgraded my phone’s operating system a day before my first attempt at the long run. The upgrade shut down my GPS function. So the app couldn’t track my distance. Curse you upgrade!

After “fixing” my GPS, I happily started to run.

AAAUGH!!!! My iPhone's upgrade messed up my Easy 5K's GPS tracker. I ended up running close to 2 miles.

AAAUGH!!!! My iPhone’s upgrade messed up my Easy 5K’s GPS tracker. I ended up running close to 2 miles.

Roughly 40 minutes later I realized something was wrong…again. According to the app, I  ran zero miles. AAAUGH! GPS fail…again!

Turns out my iPhone settings didn’t save. Good grief! I started feeling like Charlie Brown and my iPhone was Lucy with that damn football.

I stopped after running close to 2 miles. I had a slight headache and my heart rate was too high. I made the mistake of waiting for the app to tell me to stop instead of listening to my body.

Won’t make that mistake again!

I walked across the street to Starbucks, ordered a green tea, sat down for about 20 minutes and began working on my phone.

Feeling better, I tested the GPS on the walked home and hit the shower.

With my GPS fixed, I plan to attempt my app’s long run training Wednesday afternoon. Should be a piece of cake.

Other than doing 30 minutes of yoga and getting my hair done, today’s gonna be a lazy day.

Kitty can stay in the sink as long as he wants.


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