Spinning Class, Take 2 — Thank God For Gel Seats & Biker Shorts

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One of the best fitness investments…ever! I can’t do my spinning class without this butt-saving gel seat cover.

Today I attended my second spinning class armed with a gel seat cover and padded bike shorts. Learning my lesson from my first class, I knew there was no way I could handle 55 minutes on that seat (a.k.a. saddle) again.

Lots of folks told me that I’d get use to the seat pain after a few classes. How? By killing my last butt nerve!?!

Sorry, I don’t want to get use to the pain. And I sure don’t want the 2 days of extreme soreness that follows.

The seat cost $20 at my local sporting good’s store. It fits the saddle perfectly. The cover kept its shape and comfort during the class.

My biker shorts cost a lot, about $50. I only picked up one pair, but I can already see I need another. They’re designed so you don’t wear underwear with the shorts. So washing regularly is important.

The shorts and seat made a world of difference today. Unlike last week’s class, I didn’t have to get off the bike because I was hurting. The big bonus: No after-class sore tush.

Without a doubt it’s the best investment I’ve ever made!

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