Road Foods Kills A Diet!

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After 20+ hours of driving we finally made it to out holiday destination. Unfortunately I didn’t pack any healthy snacks. So it was road food.


Nearly everything I ate didn’t sit well in my stomach. Didn’t matter if it was a chicken sandwich or a burger, my stomach wasn’t pleased.

I felt bloated and sluggish.

Thankfully I did get one salad in during our drive.

The saving grace — water. I drank more than my share to quell any rumblings for junk food.

Of course that just meant more stops and chances to go astray.

Once we arrived at my mom’s house, there was something I had to do.

I found the nearest grocery store and loaded my cart with veggies and lean meats

I can honestly say that my standard breakfast of 2 scrambled eggs, half a tomato and an ounce of avocado never tasted better.

This morning I’m off to the local gym to sign up for a one week membership.

All is right with the world.

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