Tough Mudder Clock Is Ticking

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I’m so excited about tying my 5K training to an actual date that I’ve decided its time to do the same for Tough Mudder. Once I hit 200 pounds I promised myself I’d start training for a mudder. Well I’m 12 pounds shy of hitting that mark. Why wait? Besides, starting now will keep me focus on eating healthy.

Because of the difficulty level, I decided that if I’m going to do a mudder it should be in a fun place so I can get in a little R&R afterwards. So I’m circling the June 20 & 21 on my calendar. That gives me two options – British Columbia or Scotland!

Registering is the easy part. I need to save up for plane tickets and a hotel room. I’m hoping by December 1 I’ll save enough know which one I can go to.

Of course there is a rumor that my gym is organizing a team and training program for a 2015 mudder. Hmmmm…if so, then I may do that instead. I’ll have a better chance at crossing the finish line on a team than flying solo.

In any event, I’ve given myself a year to prepare myself. I downloaded the Tough Mudder training guide and it’s looking like lots of pull-ups, sit ups, planks, burpees, squats, mountain climbers and lunges are in my future.

Sigh…pull-ups and burpees are my natural enemy. But I will conquer them.

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