Sample Of Dot’s Weekly Meal Menu

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So what did I eat last week to lose 5.6 pounds?

Last week's meal menu. Every Sunday I take 10 minutes to put it together. It keeps my eating in check and my weight loss on track.

Last week’s meal menu. Every Sunday I take 10 minutes to put it together. It keeps my eating in check and my weight loss on track.

Pretty simple.

In truth, planning meals for the week is the key. Every Sunday I spend 10 minutes mapping out what I’m having for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. With planning comes healthier eating. Plus it makes my life a lot easier — I no longer fret about whipping something up for dinner.

I know many of you are thinking: “It’s hard enough planning for tonight’s dinner, but planning for a week is just downright crazy talk.”

I had the same attitude until I weighed-in at 325 pounds. That’s when I became a believer in the weight loss power of weekly meal planning.

I won’t lie to you: planning does take time and effort, but only until you get your routine down. It took me an hour to write my first weekly menu. I spent a lot of time figuring out the carb counts of meals because I cap my carbs at 20g/day. It was frustrating and not very fun.

Simplify Your Menu To Save Time & Lose Pounds
Who has an hour to spend on meal planning? Those were the days when I didn’t eat the same type of food twice in a week. Boy that was dumb! When it comes to food, variety is the key to weight gain. When one or two of your daily meals is the same each day, you increase your weight loss success.

I needed to simplify my menu. Starting with breakfast, I figured out that I needed something to give me the energy for my long morning workouts and keep me full until a late morning snack or even lunch.

Gone are the cereals, instant oatmeal packs and breakfast sandwiches. These days, breakfast is almost always 2 eggs, a quarter of an avocado and half a tomato. I have the option of making omelets, scrambled or over-easy eggs. On occasion I might add bacon or sausage. But my main ingredients are always the same. My breakfast gives me the energy I need for my morning workouts and keeps me fuller longer.

By simplifying my menu and consistently eating the same foods during meals, the weight came off and my menu planning got a lot easier (and quicker). Now my weekly menus take less than 10 minutes (and that includes building the grocery list!).

You just need to be patient. It took me about 2 months before I got the knack for weekly meal planning. Now it’s so simple, I can’t believe I wasn’t doing it all along.

36 thoughts on “Sample Of Dot’s Weekly Meal Menu

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  2. How would like to know the amounts that you eat of each items. Like how many Sweet potato fries, the different variety of meats and vegetable?

  3. Patricia Staples

    What brand of protein shake do you use? I have shakeology which I really like, but has 17 total carbs.

    • Patricia Staples

      What brand of protein shake do you use? I have shakeology which I really like, but has 17 total carbs. Sorry, I found your answer in a comment below.

  4. Crystal

    Dot, thank you for the meal planning info. I e been doing keto for 4 weeks now and I lost 7 pounds within the first 1.5 weeks, but I haven’t lost anything g since. I am staying in ketosis (I’m using strips to check). I think I’m in ketosis, but maybe need to lower my caloric intake as well. So I would like to follow what someone else has done that’s been successful.
    Your meal plans look great, but I just want to make sure they are 20 grams or less per day. Because that’s where I am. Congrats for losing the weight!

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  6. Sharon

    Your meal plans look simple enough. I would love to use them. Some look like there are specific recipes like cauliflower muffins or your broccoli soup. Would you be able to list some of those recipes that aren’t spelled out? That would be so helpful! Thank you.

    • Hi Sharon. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Between sick pets, home repairs and taxes it’s been hectic few weeks. Glad you liked the menus. I’ll see what I can do. I typically post the recipes on the blog but linking directly to them from the menus makes a lot of sense. I’ll put my hubby’s mad IT skills on the case!

  7. Teri M

    Is there any chance you could post about four weeks or so of your meal plans? I’m just beginning (with this menu in fact) and would love to have more.

  8. Thank you SO much for posting this!!!!! I’ve been struggling to come up with a low-carb menu plan that isn’t just meat and eggs. This helps tremendously!

    • Linda, thank you! Hopefully it will work for you. I hope to have more posted in a week or so — I’m dealing with being a little to lazy right now…ugh! Good luck.

  9. Monica Bisso

    Thank you for posting this. I really needed this kind of information to help me guide me through a new cooking adventure . Hopefully I can loose weight also!

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  11. Judy Gill

    Would you please expand on “protein shake?” Is it something you buy then add to, or ?????????? Thanks so much!

    • Judy, I use ISOPure. It’s a protein powder you can get at GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe. Just add water (probably works with almond milk, coconut water or milk if you like). I use ISOPure dutch chocolate or cookies n’ cream – both are just 1g net carbs. Highly suggest you use cold water. Some folks don’t like the taste. Those two flavors are good to me. I also blend in 1/4 C of frozen strawberries. On a long weight training day, I may also add in 1/4 of a banana (but that adds a lot of carbs). Hope that helps.

      I’ve also used the powder to make protein pancakes (pretty tasty).

  12. Sharalyn O.

    Hi Dot! I am wondering how you keep your avocados from turning brown? Eating a quarter at breakfast…then what do you do with the rest?

    • Some of my recipes call for 1/2 an avocado serving size. Also what I make for me my husband eats too. But to keep them keep the pit inside, you can add a little fresh lemon or lime juice, wrap in plastic wrap and place in fridge. I eat avocado nearly everyday (I go thru 7 each week) so keeping fresh is easy for me.

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