Reusable Grocery Bags — They Make You Fat?

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facepalmLast week it was diet soda, now its reusable grocery bags that make you fat!  Actually it’s not the bags, but it is the attitude that the bags give people. Sure folks who use reusable shopping bags tend to buy more organic foods.  But they are also buying way more crappy junk food too. So they replaced regular milk with organic milk to better wash down those sweets, cookies, candy bars and chips.

Turns out these people believe they are entitled to all that junk food because they are helping the environment. Wow…

If people want to use reusable bags, who am I to deny them. Me, I need the plastic bags for picking up after the dogs during walks…that’s what I call recycling! But I don’t feel the need to reward myself because I pick up after my dogs. I’m suppose to clean up after them.

There are an awful lot of smug people in the DC metro area (where I live) who say they are “helping the environment,” but for many it’s about feeling superior to the rest of us mere mortals. Well it looks like that smugness is now making them fat.

Maybe South Park was on to something with those Smug Alerts.


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