Low Carb, Slow-Cooked Chili Con Carne

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I recently subscribed to Jamie Oliver's Food Tube. This Chili Con Carne looks amazing. I have to make it.

I recently subscribed to Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube. This Chili Con Carne looks amazing. I have to make it.

A few weeks ago I grudgingly subscribed to chef Jamie Oliver’s YouTube channel, Food Tube. I was familiar with his “food education” campaign as well as his current crusade for a 20% sugar tax in England.  But I had no idea whether this guy was a good chef.  I’ve never seen one episode of The Naked Chef or read any of his cookbooks.

I’m a mixed bag when it comes to his work trying to get people to eat healthy. While I love the idea of educating people about food (heck, that’s what I try to do with this blog), I’m not a big fan of using government to push us into eating a certain way, like he seems to be. That’s what got us into this metabolic mess to begin with. I always think it’s best for people to have the information and then make their own decisions on how to live. That way, they live with the consequences of their decisions. They take ownership of their health.

We all have to find our own path to eating healthy. While low carb, high fat works for me, a vegan diet might work wonders for someone else. One size doesn’t fit all.

Great Cooking Trumps Politics
When I found out Chef Jamie had a food channel on YouTube, I decided to watch a few episodes. I’m always looking for easy, simple ideas when it comes to recipes. Turns out, he is pretty dang creative in the kitchen. I’m hooked.

While I haven’t tried any of his recipes yet, they look delicious and pretty simple for me to cut the carb count.

His recipe for Beef Chili Con Carne looks amazing.  I love this style of chili, but have never tried making it. Slow cooking meat is something I haven’t quite mastered. But this recipe is so simple I have to give it a shot.

Ideas To Reducing The Carbs
There are a few changes I’ll need to make to cut the carbs.

  1. As much as I love tomatoes, canned tomatoes are a thing of my past. Way too many carbs and/or added sugars. Instead of canned I’m going fresh! I’ll use some of my home-made tomato sauce (I always make it chunky style) with diced Roma tomatoes.
  2. Rather than serving the Chili Con Carne over rice, I’m going to make a cilantro-cauliflower rice.
  3. No flour tortilla for me. I’ll either skip that or, if I’m really hungry, I’ll use a slice of oopsie bread.

Well my food menu is set for the next few days. So it looks like Wednesday is Chili Con Carne Day! Glorious photos will be taken and posted of this delicious (fingers-crossed) adventure.

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