2016 – No Resolutions, But Plenty Of Projects

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yarn 1

No, I’m not a yarn hoarder…I just have lots of projects that I haven’t finished or started yet. That changes this year.

I’ve decided against making any resolutions for the coming year. I already have very specific goals for optimizing my health, to improve my chances of IVF success.  So why do I need to add resolutions to the mix?

Instead I have a list of projects I want to tackle this year. Things I’ve put off for too long. I’m ashamed to admit, I was just too dang lazy to make an effort. Heck, for the last couple of months, lazy was my thing. And when I get lazy, boredom kicks in, and that’s when I overeat.

What I like about projects and goals rather than resolutions is you can actually map a path for yourself, identify milestones, make course corrections, and see real progress. Resolutions tend to be too wishy-washy for me, a hope rather than an actual plan.

So what do I have on tap for 2016?

Shadowfax 1

One of the 16×20 prints I gave my husband for Christmas. The images look awesome in our living room and inspired us to finally decorate our home.

Home Decorating
We’ve lived in our humble little ‘Love Shack’ for nearly 12 years, yet it is only starting to feel like a home. Sure, we painted a few walls when we first moved in, bought furniture and added pets. But we never really decorated the place. This Christmas, I surprised the husband with three 16×20 prints of us to start decorating and really make our house feel like home. Immediately after hanging the prints, we wanted to do more.

Decorating To Do List

  • More photos – family and our own photography – on display
  • Repaint kitchen & living room
  • Display prized collectibles
  • Finish my wedding album (yeah, it’s only been 13 years)
bathrooom sink

Upgrading our powder room before something breaks is one of my must do DYI projects for 2016.

Home DYI
My house is getting a lot attention this year. It’s been neglected for far too long. It’s not falling apart, but again it is time to put our own special stamp on this place. Of course budget plays a big part in this. We’ve done the big, expensive stuff – new roof, windows, fence, and furnace/AC units as well as new copper pipes. All of which we’ve hired folks to do. To save money, I picked a few needed projects that we can do ourselves without breaking the bank.

Home DYI List

  • A powder room makeover – new sink, toilet, tile, light fixture and shelving
  • New light fixture in living room
  • Sand and seal our deck
  • Turn 2nd bedroom into multipurpose room (craft space, guest bedroom, home office/hubby podcast nook)
yarn 2

Yes, that is a chest full of yarn! Hopefully knitting 2 throws and an afghan will help empty that chest this year.

The closest thing I have to making resolutions is finding time for my hobbies. Since “finding-time” is so lame (and too easy to fail at), I decided to come up with specific projects to force the issue.

Hobby-Related Projects

  • Knit 2 throws & 1 afghan
  • Make 4 decorative pillow covers (Of course this means I finally learn to sew)
  • Cultivating my green thumb (Get 2-3 indoor plants & keep them alive!)

Have Fun!
Yep, fun is on the project list this year. We haven’t taken a vacation in nearly 2 years, mostly due to the husband’s work and lots of penny pinching. But you don’t need a big budget to have fun. And there’s a lot you can do with 3-day weekends. Plus my husband’s hosting duties on the To Be Read podcast has me inspired to read a lot more.

  • 3-4 weekend fishing/camping trips
  • Spend a week in a cabin in the woods near a lake
  • Grab my camera and bike and hit the W&OD and Mount Vernon bike paths
  • Virginia wine tasting tours
  • Reading Project – one book a month (January’s read is already selected)

What About “Health” Related Projects?
Something amazing happened when I made my project list: my health or weight wasn’t a consideration. Sure, my “Have Fun” projects include fishing, biking, and hiking, but that’s simply because I enjoy those things.

While I may not have thought about my health when whipping up this list, the truth is I can do these projects because I’m eating healthy, moving more, and have dropped lots of pounds. Sweet!

What projects are you tackling next year?

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