Losing Weight In Public — Week 5

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Co-worker Donuts

Week 1 weight: 305 pounds
Last week’s weight: 295 pounds
Current weight: 292 pounds
Weight lost since last week: 3 pounds
Total weight lost: 13 pounds

Wow, I lost a lot of weight last week. Eating chicken wings from the wrong place will do that too you. It’ll do it to you the next morning, later again that morning, twice that afternoon, and again that evening. My guess is I really lost about 1-2 pounds of fat, which is still great. But I don’t think I’ll necessarily lose much more (if any) by next week.

Last Week’s Successes

I didn’t eat anything sweet. No pastries, no ice cream or cookies or the donuts my coworker brought in. In fact, I wasn’t even tempted. The last 4 weeks of failure in this regard really put steel in my spine. Way to go, me.


Not sure what this was (because I didn’t have any!)

Last Week’s Failures

I sure had a lot of wine last week. Bourbon, too. Not all at once, more like every day: at restaurants, while writing, while cooking, while watching TV together, while enjoying the nice weather on the deck. I told Dot I was going to hold off for a few months. It’s not really healthy, and will definitely slow down my weight loss.

This Week’s Challenges

I can’t think of anything specific. Last week, we didn’t do any meetup groups. We might this week, I’m not sure. I don’t think “alcohol” will be a challenge. If I can’t go a week or a few months without it, then it’s a different problem, isn’t it?  So there you go. My only challenge this week is the omnipresent threat of self-sabotage.

See you next week!

4 thoughts on “Losing Weight In Public — Week 5

  1. I stepped on the scale this morning and saw something I’ve never seen before. 202.4. It may not sound like much to some, but for my height and age it’s the heaviest I’ve ever been. Ugh….

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