Living Healthy…A Sense of Humor Helps

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“The most important things in my life are God, my family and my Instagram account…and not necessarily in that order.” — JP Spears

My husband introduced me to the Ultra Spiritual Life series on YouTube. If you haven’t discovered JP Spears, you really need to. When I saw the video on how to take photos of yoga poses, I knew this was something special.

But I especially loved his probing question of what if meat eaters acted like vegans.

Before any vegans bombard me with hate, just remember life’s too short not to have a sense of humor, especially about yourself. When you see success in how you changed your life it is way too easy to think everyone should live this way. “If it worked for me it must be the superior way to live.” All of us — Vegan, LCHF or Paleo — can get caught up in that type of thinking.  Heck, the disaster of our government’s nutrition dogma over real science for nearly 40 years should teach us that.

Besides I’m looking forward to JP’s take on those of us going down the ketogenic path. Heck, he’s already took on one of my favorite fats — coconut oil.  Banting/LCHF/Ketogenic diets can’t be far behind.

Taking your health seriously is important. Far too many of us put it on the back burner and we are now paying the price. But having a sense of humor makes things a little easier.


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