Losing Weight In Public — Week 11

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Boo Hoo

Boo Hoo

Week 1 weight: 305 pounds
Last week’s weight: 286 pounds
Current weight: 285 pounds
Weight lost since last week: 1 pounds
Total weight lost: 20 pounds

Woo hoo, I lost 20 pounds in 11 weeks! (I’ve been told I don’t look 285-300 pounds. I am 6’5″ though, and my belly’s not in the shot).

Woo hoo, I sort of went nuts last week — I had peach cobbler and ice cream! And got away with it!

Book Launch

hells_ch_tinyWoo hoo, I launched a new book last week: Hell’s Children: A Post-apocalyptic Survival Thriller. It’s about a world where all the adults die and only the children are left. Sort of like “Lord Of The Flies” — except grimmer, haha. If you’re curious, you can pick it up for the cheaper-than-coffee price of 99 cents (an early-bird promo price). I promise to use that 99 cents only for Good, and not for Evil. Unless it’s an evil piece of devil’s food cake, then all bets are off.


This weekend, I did gardening. Ugh. What a pain. I hate gardening. I don’t think I lost a pound because of that, but I mention it because of something awesome: I wasn’t as tired as I usually get. It seems that losing the weight is letting me bound around with more energy, and I don’t have to rest as much. Woo hoo!

Ok, see you week.

Woo hoo!

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