LCHF Thanksgiving: Cooking The Turkey

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Well it’s November. That means Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. So I’m working on some videos for what I’m cooking this Thanksgiving. This video I talk turkey. Specifically how to brown the sucker!

I will say that I’m a bit forgiving on the carb front on Thanksgiving, allowing up to 75g of carbs. But this year I’m trying to keep to 25-30g for myself. A tall order, but I think I can do it.

This technique works every time. Thanks to the wine, it does add 2g of carbs to each serving of turkey (leaving me 23-28g to work with), but man it is a beautiful bird that comes out of the oven each time…and juicy as heck.

Oh, and if you have a chest freezer at home try picking up extra frozen turkeys at your grocery store either the day before or right after Thanksgiving. That’s when they go on sale. Last year my husband picked up 10 Butterballs and I only have 2 left (one for Thanksgiving and Christmas).

And yes, they still taste good! Although turkeys are big ones like the 22 pounder above.

I hope to have the video of my bread-free, zero-grain stuffing I’m making this Thanksgiving posted soon.

2 thoughts on “LCHF Thanksgiving: Cooking The Turkey

  1. I am SO using your method for cooking my turkey this year. I enjoy every post you write, and am looking forward to the stuffing recipe. Sharing this to facebook.

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