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Hey all, John here…

Dot said folks were asking about the books I write and asked me to post something. For years, I’ve tried not to shoehorn my side career into her “dot2trot” universe. Mainly because it isn’t about me — it’s about Dot, her passion for good food and great health, and you folks. But she asked nicely, so what can I say?

Here’s what I write:

In the most general sense, my books usually fall into the spectrum of “speculative fiction.” Fantasy, sci-fi, etc. Of the titles in the link above, I’d say the books “Kick,” “Hell’s Children” and “Thief’s Odyssey” are the most accessible to a broad audience. The “Chronicles of Ethan” and my upcoming book “Underpowered Howard” were written in a genre called “LitRPG” — stories told from the perspective of someone living in a game universe governed by game rules (i.e., these stories are not for everyone).

Of them all, my first novel “Kick” has been optioned for a TV show — though with Covid going on, any movement on that has been put on hold.

Note of caution: if you read my books, understand they’re really just fiction — stories distilled from a lifetime of media and experience, then twisted, amplified through the lens of my personality. So no need to pity Dot for having a psychopath husband, kay? 🙂

Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “John’s books

  1. Marian

    Wow! Dot!
    I have just discovered your YouTube channel and blog. Thank you! I plan to try your amazing recipes.
    Hope you are doing better in regards to your Mom’s dementia and all that tending to her care entails. God bless you and your Mom. Thank you for your inspiration. I’m 64 and was 253 at 01/01/22 and down to 234 after 6 weeks on Keto and 2 meals a day.
    Wishing you continued good health.

  2. Arlene Hilman

    Dot, reading John’s first paragraph has me applauding and so appreciating the man he is in putting your aims and desires first instead of his own which I believe you know so well❣️ Just think of a world where we all lived this way, would be kinda’ nice, eh! Thanks for the encouragement, John!

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